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The truth behind why dell takes so long to ship

Dell, one of the world's leading computer companies, takes about 3-5 days to ship an average product. But why? Why does Dell take so long? This post will give you some insights into what happens before your PC or laptop even leaves the factory.

Why does dell take so long to ship

Now, on to the real reason why Dell takes so long to ship. Like almost all consumer electronic companies, Dell has a huge inventory of parts, components and products that they need to keep in stock at any time. The only way they can do this is if your PC was actually made weeks (or even months) before it ships. This means that the whole manufacturing and production process can't be much shorter than 3 weeks. Sometimes, Dell will actually work with suppliers to create custom parts or components for a product. This increases the time by an extra week or two! That's why when you order something from dell, it often takes so long to ship: because they could have already been working on that product for a few weeks or even months before they sell it to you.

Dell's inventory of parts and components

Now you might be wondering: what actually happens in those 3-5 days before Dell ships out your product? Well, first they have to send the order over to a warehouse where it will sit until someone picks up the PC or laptop. PCs and laptops are often owned by multiple people, which is why you might not get a notification that your order has actually been shipped out. On average, Dell gets an order every 7 seconds ! That's a lot of people purchasing from Dell. So now you know why it takes so long for your PC or laptop to ship! Hopefully this could help explain to family and friends as well.

Dell offers customization for their products, which takes more time to produce.

Dell does not actually put stickers on their devices themselves, but instead they just ship an empty PC which the customer then will manually install the Windows OS. They originally started this because at one point Dell actually made their own version of Windows but later stopped to keep it compatible with their range of different computers and laptops. So now when you order a PC from Dell it may come with a Windows sticker for the customer who did buy a version of Windows but others would get their PC without one.

Dell has a large number of warehouses and distribution centers, which slows down the shipping process

Dell has over 100 warehouses and distribution centers just in the United States. This is because they have a large variety of products to ship from, which takes a long time for them to organize and put into their order system. They also need multiple warehouses to store all their products until they are ready to ship them out. This can sometimes take weeks because it can take a long time just to find the product you want in their warehouses.

Dell's shipping times are slow because they offer a wide variety of products

This is related to the previous point. Since Dell has so many different products, they need to have a lot of warehouses and distribution centers around the world in order to ship out their product range! This can cause a large variety of problems for people who want a new laptop or PC ASAP.


So in conclusion: Dell takes a few weeks (or months) to build and manufacture the PC or laptop before it actually ships  because they often begin working on new products even before they sell it.  This means they need to keep many parts and components in stock for when customers place orders.


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